Quick Pickled Green Beans – Or how to make people very happy very quickly.

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NOTE: Please see the updated recipe for blanching instructions – brighter, greener, happier green beans for all!


I love quick pickling. It is easy, fast, plenty of bang for your effort-buck!


These pickles are kosher for Passover if you use white wine vinegar, and you can tinker with the spices as you like. I like the beans to be crunchy, briny, and spicy. Use the larger measure of chili pepper for very spicy beans or the smaller amount for generous but not overwhelming heat.


Quick Pickled Green Beans



Just look at them! Beautiful beans!


Quick Pickled Green Beans



And there are plenty more in the fridge for snacking!


Quick Pickled Green Beans



  1. I’m so excited to try these! Do you suggest blanching the green beans or keeling them raw?

    • I have had great luck blanching the beans just a tiny bit. It softens the tough ones and brings out their color!

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