Weekly Round-Up – May 5th

Now that blood orange season is over, I couldn’t pass up the first good watermelon of the year. It seems I have a thing for pink and red juicy fruits! I bought a massive one and want to try making this sorbet. Maybe I’ll add some mint to it? Or maybe something a bit more interesting… tarragon, perhaps?


Squeezed Blood Oranges


  • Ever wonder about Canola oil? What does it come from? It was a triumph of chemistry, food science, and marketing to make rapeseed oil into a go-to cooking oil. NPR has a great piece about British farmers elevating rapeseed oil from flavorless cooking oil to a unique gourmet product. Extra interesting fact: rapeseed oil was originally fairly toxic and used to oil steam trains!
  • I love poppyseeds. I need these poppyseed rugelach in my life NOW!
  • Our fruit bowl contains many sad apples as a result of a massive sale at our local produce store. Perhaps some of Marisa’s apple chutney from Food in Jars is in our future.
  • Diets and “culprit foods” come and go. This excellent article from The Atlantic explores how religious concepts and sentiments about pleasure, sin, and purity translate into food and health cultures. A great read:

“The idea is that three dimensions of food we normally consider are quantity, quality, and type. So, for a month, or however long is tolerable, you eat in the fourth dimension, which is time. You read no nutrition labels, and you “detox” from thinking about food. Instead you think about the time you spend preparing food. You make sure to spend a half hour four nights a week, or whatever, cooking and eating. If people really ate in the fourth dimension, I think we’d be much happier, and healthier, and not as beholden to pseudoscience. I think that would be great.”

Stay tuned for my first Foodie Friend Fun post – lamb dinner in Sacramento!


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