Round-Up – A very thankful Thanksgiving

  • Every year themes and trends emerge around Thanksgiving and The Bitten Word reviews them. This year, I’m loving citrus, ancient and heritage grains, vinegar, and lack of cranberry sauce. As it happens, one of my (sadly unblogged) Fakesgiving menus had all three of those elements, AND I DIDN’T EVEN PLAN IT THAT WAY! I just felt it to be part of the zeitgeist! I’ve included pictures in this post to make you salivate!


Nosherium Thanksgiving Buckwheat Stuffed Chicken

Thanksgiving Buckwheat Stuffed Chicken


  • Finding a vegetarian main dish with sufficient gravitas is always a challenge when going up against a massive, glistening turkey. A gorgeous, multilayered, stuffed “vegducken” (zucchini in an eggplant, in a butternut squash) might be the answer! This less striking, but very tasty, toothsome Perfect Nut Roast is a great option too, and Deb’s vegetarian-compatible White Bean and Chard Pot Pie (just leave out the pancetta) sounds perfectly comforting and festive.
  • Still trying to decide on some recipes? Peruse Thanksgiving recipes from the greatest foodies on Food52. An easy cocktail from M.F.K. Fisher, Brussels Sprouts from Julia Child, cheesy Leek Bread Pudding from Thomas Keller, etc.


Nosherium Radish Salad

Thanksgiving Watermelon Radish Salad



Nosherium Thanksgiving Squash Agrodolce

Thanksgiving Squash Agrodolce


A very happy, delicious, and grateful Thanksgiving to you!

Yours, stuffed with stuffing and turkey,


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