Round Up: May 29th, 2017 – Shavuot!

Shavuot goodies below, and there’s still time for you to use the 20% off NOSHERIUM discount code at ZSpecialty Foods (offer ends May 31st!)! Get yourself some single varietal honey (I can’t get enough of the pomegranate one!), all-natural chocolate-almond crunch spread, and some of their insanely delicious fruit honey spreads. I used the apricot honey spread in my fajita recipe, and also enjoy swirling it into my homemade yogurt. Stock up for gifts! Or just for yourself!


Testing Lemon Cookies by Nosherium

Testing Lemon Cookies


Oh wow! This month has gone so quickly! One minute you are chowing down on apricot-y fajitas for Cinco de Mayo, the next it is Memorial Day and Shavuot in all it’s creaminess is bearing down on you! I had the best of intentions for a super cool DIY dairy series for this week, but it’s just not happening – perhaps next year, or just later in the year!

Shavuot celebrates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, and like all Jewish holidays, there’s a traditional food to go with it – milk and dairy products! MY FAVORITE!!! Make some homemade yogurt! Mix up some sturdy zesty buttermilk lemon cake! Dollop on some silky rhubarb compote! Bake up a gloriously buttery cake with the season’s beautiful fruit (I’ve made this recipe with strawberries and it is EVERYTHING).



  • Looking for another way to get in the Shavuot spirit? Learn about gleaning and how we can observe the ancient commandment of leaving the corners of the field for the hungry and needy.
  • If you’re looking for an easy dairy DIY project and you love yogurt, try making marinated labne spheres!
  • Last year I learned to love eggplant and discovered this amazing recipe for ricotta-stuffed eggplant involtini by Alexandra Stafford. Sadly, I also discovered that I’m allergic to eggplant. Enjoy it for me!
  • Food52 has some great options for Shavuot – milky, creamy goodness this way.
  • Feeling cheesy for Shavuot, but inclined in a sweet direction? Grab a container of good ricotta and some frozen puff pastry, and make this Romanian vanilla cake with cheese by Oh My Dish!
  • Feeling cheesy, but you just can’t stomach dairy? Check out this vegan cauliflower mac and cheese on Kale and Caramel or This American Bite’s adorable zucchini pizza boats.
  • My husband’s birthday is in July and I’m already testing out recipes for his birthday cake. Is this the year of Lilac Strawberry Shortcake Cake? I certainly hope so.
  • I wish I had ordered this new non-stick pan in time for blintz-making… I’ve been wanting to try my friend Ksenia’s traditional Russian blintz recipe from At The Immigrant’s Table for years!
  • Ever wonder why doughnut boxes are iconically pink? The answer is an #immigrantfoodstory of refugees, resilience, thriftiness, and deliciousness.
  • AT LONG LAST! AmazonFresh pick up would be my go-to grocery option.
  • I need to see what portion sizes look like to gauge how much to order. This piece shows you what 2,000 calories looks like – fast food, restaurants, and home cooking.
  • MM LaFleur makes modern, beautiful, easy clothing for professional women in formal careers. I’m looking forward to trying some of their investment pieces when they pop up in San Francisco in June, in the meantime, I’m head over heels for their blog piece – How My Baking Hobby Makes Me Better at My Job.
  • Totally off topic, but I feel a strong desire to buy this scorpion belt. My better angels will probably win out, but think of all the fantastically badass outfits and Halloween costumes!

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