Round Up: August 8th

Last week we had a busy week of socializing and I pulled out my favorite awe-inducing summertime dish – burrata with gorgeous tomatoes.



This week I’m running low on energy, so I’m living very internally right now – lots of musing and thinking. Check out some of my favorite pieces from around the internet:


  • My husband and I have finally booked flights for our honeymoon – London, Paris, and Amsterdam in late November. I’d love some suggestions if you have them! I’m definitely going to cover the trip here on the blog. #travelblogger
    • First up, we need to choose an afternoon tea in London. So many options!
    • How shall we approach the many, many culinary delights of Paris?
    • Where shall we stay in Amsterdam?
  • So excited to check out the Beyond the Surface: Worldwide Embroidery Traditions exhibit at the de Young museum here in SF.
  • My new favorite San Francisco hot spot is Rooh, a progressive Indian restaurant and bar right next to my work. I’ve enjoy leisurely lunches and tasty happy hours with friends and I’m hoping to make a date night with my husband so we can indulge in their tasting menu! Just look at these breads!



  • Impatient Foodie made a fantastic weekly shopping list and meal plan. I usually shop throughout the week, but I like seeing other options.
  • When cultures and cuisines meet in a family – When Falling In Love Meant Embracing A New Cuisine – one of my favorite food moments come with people who have discovered and adopted their loved one’s cultural cuisine as their own.
  • Seattle friends, we have to go to JuneBaby for epic Southern food. I’m not all that familiar with Southern/Soul cuisine, but since listening to this podcast, reading Michael W. Twitty’s book, and working my way through Edna Lewis‘s recipes, I’m really feeling it!
  • Eggs eggs eggcellent! SeriousEats is having Egg Week complete with every way to make them at home. Skillet can guide you through ordering your eggies at a diner. How do you like yours?



  • Earlier this year one of my beloved Instagram posts (pictured above) went viral. It gave me the push I needed to write up a post for the blog, and I agonized over how and why that post became so popular. Turns out, it was a company trying to sell me on their post-boosting, algorithm-beating service.

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