Round-Up: March 26th

Happy almost Passover! Happy almost Easter! Happy spring!


Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken


I was hoping to have a recipe up for Passover this year, but it might not happen. Sometimes non-blog life conspires to keep me away from the stove and camera! Check out Cheater’s Braise Chicken for a great main course, Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish and Passover Sole à la Meunière for fish-deliciousness, and the Most Decadent Flourless Cookies for dessert! Alternatively, you could dollop seasonally appropriate Rhubarb Compote on a pavlova or some Passover cake?


Nosherium Rhubarb Compote


Some people don’t eat beans, rice, and corn during Passover, but if you do I have some great dishes for you! My Vegan Three Sisters Stuffed Squash is so perfect for making ahead, it might end up being our main course for our seder! Green beans might make an appearance at our seder table in the form of salad with pomegranate and barberries, or perhaps they will be pickled! For breakfast, I might toast up some Paleo nut and seed Passover Granola!


Nosherium Rosh HaShanah Three Sisters Squash Vegan


Seriously, there are so many great options for Pesach! And if all else fails, quinoa is your Passover savior!


Looking for more lady-power in your seder? Check out Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s piece about women in the Passover story. We included it last year and will again this year.


Do you love sesame as much as I do? Jake Cohen’s tahini rainbow cookies are a must! (kitniyot).  I love his Passover tips and memories over at The Kitchn.


American students are hosting the first Passover Seder at a Spanish university!


Bakery Claire Ptak of Violet Bakery has been tapped to make Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding cake. You can make Passover coconut macaroons with her recipe!


Not Passover related, but very interesting. The Wing, a women’s private club and coworking space, is under scrutiny for it’s no-men policy. What do you think about it?


Passover waffles. WAFFLES FOR PASSOVER! I make these fairly frequently and love them so much. They aren’t quite as crispy as regular waffles, but they are nice and filling. Also, gluten-free! And dairy-free!


Julie at Florence and Isabelle always finds the prettiest things for Jewish holidays. That #millennialpink seder plate ?


When in doubt, Molly Yeh’s Passover-friendly cookie cake! Or Nigella Lawson’s gluten-free, Passover-friendly brownies!


Deb at Smitten Kitchen is a Passover genius. This year I’m going to make an almond butter version of her simple and perfect Salted Peanut Butter Cookies and her take on Payard’s Chocolate Walnut Cookies!


I’m totally obsessed with Thrillist’s list of 101 Foods that Changed America.


Boost the inclusivity of your seder! Here’s how! When we built our custom Haggadah, we added transliteration for every prayer and lots of interesting modern material.


Chef José Andrés is an American hero. He feeds Puerto Rico and the youth of the March For Our Lives.


My beautiful friend Beth at OMG Yummy has everything you need for Passover! This Apricot Apple Matzo Farfel Kugel is right up my alley.


I’m going to need some of Simone’s Creamsicle Macaroons too!


What am I? Chopped liver? Well… I flipping love chopped liver, and I bet Amy makes a great one!


What are you Passover specialities? Favorite dishes? Must haves? Mustn’t haves?

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