About Nosherium

I am Yael – noshaholic and enthusiastic home cook.

I love learning about new foods, cooking techniques, and culinary subjects.




This blog is a place for me to share recipes, thoughts, and experiences (good, frustrating, thrilling, and terrifying alike). Apart from personal investment of time, money, and calorie intake, the blog is only supported though the Amazon Affiliate Program. When you click on a link from this site that takes you to a product on Amazon, I will receive a small commission. Only products that I know, like, and would recommend to my loved ones will be listed in such a way. This will (hopefully) support the blog and enable me to bring more tasty things to more readers.

Please contact me with any questions at yael(at)nosherium(dot)com with any questions.


  1. This looks promising! Watching and waiting!
    And my, what a wonderful name for this blog!
    Wish you lots of success and fun with this.

  2. What a brilliant idea and fantastic name. Are all your recipes going to be vegetarian? Good luck.

  3. Yael,
    I am just learning about Za’atar, sesame and spices. Can you shed any light on this? Recipes? Experience? I’ve read that it has the ability to clear the head and school children are often given Za’atar on a slice of bread to eat on the way to school before a big test…

    • Hi Al! I love za’atar! My favorite uses are as a spice rub for chicken, sprinkled on yogurt with nuts and seeds, and mixed into olive oil for bread dipping. Perhaps I’ll put together a round-up of my favorite recipes. But first, I have to replenish my supply!

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