Round-Up: Esther’s Vegan Purim Feast

Nosherium Vegan Purim Cover

Purim. The most debaucherous of Jewish holidays. Equal parts Halloween and Mardi Gras, with a pinch of drunk bacchanalia and drag show. This ain’t no subdued party. This is Purim!


We celebrate clever, brave Queen Esther and pious, courageous Mordechai in their victory over villainous, treasonous Haman. There are plays and pageants of the story, costume parties, and we are commanded to feast and celebrate. And oh boy, do we celebrate!


This year, I’ll pay tribute to a lesser known aspect of Esther’s story. She entered the King’s harem alone as a young woman, during the kingdom-wide search for a new queen. At the urging of her kinsman, Mordechai, she kept her Jewish heritage a secret. According to tradition, she may have still found a way to observe the laws of kashrut (kosher) in the harem by only eating legumes and fruits. This is my round-up of vegan recipes worthy of a queen’s feast!

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Round-Up: Latkepalooza!

Nosherium Latke Round Up Cover

Latkes. Crispy, fried, glorious fritters! There’s something for everyone – the traditionalist, the lover of hors d’oeuvres, the gluten-free gourmand! These are my favorite fried fritters for Hanukkah and the rest of the year.


In my last Hanukkah round-up, I featured ingenious ways of celebrating the holiday without frying, and in this post I dive head-first into the world of latkes!

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