Hanukkah 2018 Shopping Guide – Part 1

Nosherium West Elm Hanukkah 2018 kraft-glitter-leaves-wreath-gold-o

Candles, latkes, and dreidels, oh my! Hanukkah is only seven (7!) weeks away! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite large retailer Hanukkah items below – I’ll post another round up with items from independent artisans and DIY projects.

Jewish holidays shift around a bit each year, so the standard Thanksgiving-Xmas timeline doesn’t really work when planning for your Hanukkah merriment. Getting a head start can be nice, so you don’t run into Black Friday panic or a Hanukkah candle drought.

This year, I’m keen on gold colored elements – they are trendy, of course, but gold brings to mind the rededication of the Temple that Hanukkah celebrates. Blue and white is fine, but this year, I’m feeling glitzy!

CB2 – Sleek and Cool

CB2 has gorgeous sleek style – lots of brass and luxurious materials with clean lines. Both the Marble Menorah ($59.95) and Brass Menorah ($29.95) would be at home in just about any home and any decor scheme. Their simple white candles let the menorah take center stage.

Check out their Rose Gold Garland and Tops Gold Geometric Garland for a touch of glinty gold. I’m strongly considering the Matte White Wood Garland as a frosty addition to my Snowy Shtetl (inspired by Chai & Home) set up.

West Elm – Modern and Textural

West Elm’s offerings this year are cool and sculptural and 25% off with code AUTUMN– the Silversmith Menorah ($59) is beautiful though the most stringent among us won’t use menorahs with candles at multiple heights. The Marble and Brass Menorah ($59) has a great rough-hewn finish (as Chai & Home mentioned in their guide, this would be perfect for the Snowy Shtetl!). 

The glittery gold Kraft + Glitter Garland ($29) and Wreath ($39) are so beautiful, and the leaf shape reminds me of oversized olive leaves – perfect for a festive Olive Oil Tasting!  Or bring the light to the Festival of Lights with this twinkly LED Metal Leaf Garland ($39).

Pottery Barn + Pottery Barn Kids – Classic with some kiddo fun

Pottery Barn’s Hanukkah collection is classic and traditional – the dreidel motif is pretty timeless and available on napkins (set of 4, regular $40, on sale $30), table runners (regular $79, on sale $59), plates etc. The Rachel Menorah ($59) has beautiful curves in a glossy finish.

I love the stark, clean look of the Mini Clear Menorah ($39.50) – the candles look like they are floating! I would use candles in a striking color with this one – imagine it with blue or multicolored candles!

Pottery Barn Kids has such adorable offerings! I’m particularly taken with with wooden Play Menorah ($49) and Hanukkah Countdown Calendar ($59).

Crate and Barrel – Unfussy and Colorful

This year Crate and Barrel has a tonal blue and silver theme for Hanukkah – as I mentioned above, I’m feeling gold this year, so collection isn’t really my jam. The platter ($24.95) has a lightly candle-like feel but thankfully doesn’t feel too theme-y for other holidays (this design is also available in napkins and plates). If I was going in the blue direction, I would probably chose the Lina collection for a softer, more organic look. 

The Tall Silver Menorah is really lovely with its hammered finish, and worth a look if you feel like snagging one this year. The silver napkin rings ($4.95 each) are fun too! Though the Aria Gold Napkin Rings ($2.95) are calling my gold-loving name.

Stay tuned for another round-up of Hanukkah goodies from independent artisans and DIY projects!

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Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Grapes

It’s that end-of-summer/early-autumn time again! This week at the farmers market there were still peaches but already apples. I really think it’s the best time of year for produce – tomatoes AND the first winter squash! Stone fruits AND greens. And of course, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year starts on Sunday night. 

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Nosherium Rosh HaShanah Cheese Board with Nude Bee Buckwheat Honey
Apples and Honey Cheese Board – Vegetarian!
Nosherium Thanksgiving Pomegranate Barberry Green Beans - Vegan, dairy-free, easy
Green Beans with Barberry and Pomegranate – Vegan!
Nosherium #vegan stuffed #squash with spice mixes
Rosh HaShanah Three Sisters Stuffed Squash – Vegan!
Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish
Elegant Gefilte Fish
Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken
The Cheater’s Braise Honey Braised Chicken
Nosherium Apricot Honey Fajitas with ZSpecialty
Honey Apricot Fajitas
Mirabelle Plum Afternoon Tea Cake
Plum Delicious Torte
Nosherium Chai-Spice Honey Cake Loaves
Chai-Spiced Honey Cake – Dairy-free!

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With any luck this year will bring a long awaited home renovation element to this blog, so here’s to sweet and fruitful challenges.
Hoping you have a very sweet and fruitful new year! 

Round-Up: March 26th

Nosherium Rhubarb Compote

Happy almost Passover! Happy almost Easter! Happy spring!


Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken


I was hoping to have a recipe up for Passover this year, but it might not happen. Sometimes non-blog life conspires to keep me away from the stove and camera! Check out Cheater’s Braise Chicken for a great main course, Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish and Passover Sole à la Meunière for fish-deliciousness, and the Most Decadent Flourless Cookies for dessert! Alternatively, you could dollop seasonally appropriate Rhubarb Compote on a pavlova or some Passover cake?


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