Ethical Wedding Planning Hack on our 3rd Anniversary

Today is my third wedding anniversary and I thought it would be worthwhile sharing one ethical wedding planning hack with the internet. At the time we were planning (late 2015, early 2016), the news was chock-a-block with examples of discrimination against same-sex couples in the wedding industry. Sickening displays of bigotry and self-righteous indignation from bakers, wedding planners, venues, etc. We are aren’t a same-sex couple but this issue is still important to us – even if we didn’t have LGBTQ+ loved ones, the cruelty and injustice of humiliating people would get our backs up.

We asked every vendor in consideration if they had provided or would provide the same service to a same-sex couple. We agreed that we would not hire a vendor if they turned out to be bigoted (no kidding). We felt it was a small step we could take to make our wedding expenditures more ethical. Easy and hopefully a good way to show our support.

We ended up with a group of amazing vendors – mostly women-owned, mostly local, mostly small businesses. Mhari Scott Photography,The Wedding Party¬†for my dress, INDOCHINO for suit, Jello Mold Farm for locally grown flowers for DIY arrangements, Angelica’s Catering for the most heavenly, delicious food, Jerise via Etsy for ketubah calligraphy, Rabbi Ruz Gulko for officiating, Pav√© Fine Jewelry for rings!

It was a beautiful day, and the perfect beginning to a very happy marriage!

Do you have any party planning hacks? Fun wedding planning stories? Please share them!

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