Nosherium Home – Fun Accents!

I’ve been absent from this space due to #NosheriumHome renovation! We bought a mid-century ugly duckling in early November and have been renovating it into a glorious swan. We’re finally at the point of choosing and installing pretty items and I figured I’d share them with you.

Some are on sale, so snap them up if you like them! Click through for the goodies!

Rejuvenation Saturn Knob with Star Backplate
Rejuvenation Saturn Cabinet Knob With Star Backplate – $11 ($8.80 with code SAVE20 April 5th)
I love this dark, gothy take on mid-century cabinet pulls! We got two of them to add a little punch to our Ikea vanity in the hallway bathroom.
Caldwell Rejuvenation Double Hook
Rejuvenation Caldwell Double Hook$49 $18.99 ($15.19 with code SAVE20April 5th)
I saw these hooks in person a while ago and wasn’t sure if we would have a use for them. I snagged them on sale yesterday with the intention of using them as bathrobe hooks in the master and guest bedrooms. This is an unbeatable price for a beautiful piece in solid brass. Also available is luxurious polished nickel!
IKEA SVARTSJÖN Toilet roll holder
IKEA SVARTSJÖN Toilet roll holder – $3.99
Simple. No plastic. Inexpensive.
All magic words at this point in the home renovation! As an added bonus it doesn’t have that spring-loaded bit in the middle! These will be mounted on the side of our vanities in the hall and master bathrooms.
SnapPower LED Outlet Cover
SnapPower LED Outlet Cover – $15.98
SnapPower has several clever solutions for outlets and switches. We bought this one for our hallway so you don’t have to turn a light on to find the bathroom at night! No wiring, no fancy electrical work – just replace your outlet cover and it powers itself.
Light Society Zeno Globe Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light
Light Society Zeno Globe Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light – $49.95
I searched high and low for a relatively inexpensive mid-century globe light. We are adding overhead lighting to every room and couldn’t justify spending a lot on all of them. These lights are available in brass and black with clear or white glass globes. They are sleek and just the right price!
Schlage Bowery Privacy Lock Knob, Matte Black
Schlage Bowery Privacy Door Knob, Matte Black – $18.98
These gorgeous, sleek door knobs were among our first decorating choices – the interior is painted off-white and white for the time being and we wanted some strong punctuation! Black hardware is in style right now, but we felt like we would still like it later on. We got privacy knobs for the bathrooms and bedrooms, passage knobs for the closets.

I can’t wait to share the results with you, stay tuned here and on Instagram!

What are your favorite home accents? Best design choices? Biggest regrets?

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