Guest Post on This American Bite – Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish

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2018 update: If you want to read about the development of this recipe, check out the original guest post on This American Bite. I have added the recipe at the bottom of this page for your convenience! Happy Passover!

Go to my guest post on This American Bite to discover how I finally found a gefilte fish recipe that I love!


Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish


Lemon zest, herbs, and veggies keep the dumplings light, and the quenelle shape and gentle poaching make the dish refined.

Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish




  1. You don’t say how many this makes. Thanks. Sorry, I just found it right at the bottom. Maybe putting it at the top of the recipe would be more helpful. It sounds delicious – can’t wait to try it. Cheers

    • Hi Alex, I hope you enjoy these! I’ll look into changing the layout, right now it is determined by the plug-in I use.

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