The Cheater’s Braise and New Year Honey Braised Chicken

Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken

A Nosherium original technique, the Cheater’s Braise makes for a honey-inspired Rosh HaShanah dish – the chicken, tender, sweet, and juicy. The grapes and onions, soft and saucy. The perfect main for holidays, it is festive, simple, and easy to make in small or large batches. It works in a skillet, dutch oven, or baking pan! Delicious fresh from the oven, or cold or reheated later. Succulent, savory, sweet, and celebratory! Continue Reading

Rosh HaShanah Inspiration: Veggie Feast

HHD V Cover

Even if you are a cheese lover like me, sometimes you need a non-dairy meal. Whether it’s a dietary preference, allergy, or kosher reason, you need some go-to festive dishes that don’t rely on meat for substance, nor milk or cheese for richness. Check out these beautiful dishes from soup to salads, sides to main dishes. Continue Reading