Passover Sole à la Meunière

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And now for something a little different!

Taking inspiration and technique cues from classic French cuisine, you end up with simple, elegant, refined Passover fish! This meal comes together very quickly, so gather your frying pan and matzo meal, we are making a dinner that would have Julia Child cooing.

Sole à la Meunière – sole in the style of the miller’s wife – is dredged in flour, then gently fried in olive oil, and topped with parsley and lemony butter. It isn’t at all difficult to tweak it for Passover!

Sole à la Meunière



Sole à la Meunière


As you can see, I used regular coarse matzo meal to dredge the beautiful fillets of sole. Ideally, you should use matzo cake meal, which is finer, and with yield a more refined final result.


Sole à la Meunière


The fish is delicate, so I recommend serving it with crisp-tender asparagus and sautéed  mushrooms, but it would also go well with a fresh salad with a light citrus vinaigrette dressing. The LaRousse Gastonomique recommends the following as accompaniments: “aubergines (eggplants) and courgettes (zucchini) fried in oil, chunks of cucumber sweated in butter, sliced artichoke hearts fried in butter, mushrooms (especially ceps [porcini]) fried in butter or oil and red or green (bell) peppers that have been cut into thick strips and sweated in oil.” Now I’m hungry again!


Sole à la Meunière



Sole à la Meunière


So dig into this luscious, buttery, elegant fish.


Chag sameach! Happy Passover!


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