Round-Up: March 29th

It’s only been a few days since my Passover round-up, but I found a bunch more posts I just have to share!

San Francisco Bay Area folks – check out my list of Passover events at local restaurants further down in the post!


Paleo Passover Granola

Nosherium’s Paleo Passover Granola


Tahini and halva are trending ingredients, and this Passover proves this delicious sesame paste is deeply entrenched – Lior Lev Sercarz and Jake Cohen both have new recipes for gorgeous halva macaroons. Who’s up for a taste test?


A few years ago the gorgeous and talented Oakland Chef Tanya Holland hosted a Soulful Seder. I found the article about it deeply moving as she wove together Jewish and African American traditions and flavors. My mouth is watering at the thought of Creole Matzo Ball Soup and the Flourless Chocolate-Pecan Cake is EVERYTHING.


If you enjoyed crusty fresh bread in Israel, chances are you have Erez Komarovsky to thank. Here’s an inspiring glimpse into his new world.


Learn about Georgia Gilmore, the woman who organized and cooked to support the Civil Rights Movement.


Flourless Coconut Cookies

Nosherium’s The Most Decadent Flourless Cookies


Your annual reminder to make golden schmaltz for your matzo balls!


Looking for Passover or gluten-free cookies? Check out Domenica’s recipe for zesty Italian almond cookies!


“[S]uddenly, cooking Jewish food together felt like a substantive act, born out of a kind of adversity.” Alon Shaya, chef, cookbook writer, and James Beard Awards winner discusses how food connected him to Judaism.


Sole à la Meunière

Nosherium’s Passover Sole à la Meunière


The San Francisco Bay Area restaurants love doing a Passover special! Check these out!

(Not strictly kosher, but amazing)


Annual Italian Passover at Perbacco in San Francisco – I’m going to need some Sea Bass with Rhubarb Sauce and Caramelized Strawberries with Zabaglione, please!

Saul’s Deli in Berkeley has everything you need! Including Kneydlach (matzo balls) in saffron broth.

Delfina in San Francisco does Passover specials every year. I haven’t gone yet, but I’m planning to!

Canela in San Francisco has a gorgeous menu of updated Passover classics. Matzoh and Haroset Braised Short Ribs with Tzimmes? Don’t mind if I do!

Comal in Berkeley has you sorted with a modern Mexican menu and tequila cocktails!

Wise Sons at the Contemporary Jewish Museum has a seder! (San Francisco)

Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland makes (unsupervised and) very delicious wood-fired matzah! Also, matzo ball soup, horseradish, and more!

New arrival Augie’s Montreal Smoke Meat in Berkeley has Passover specials all week. If the picture of their matzo ball soup is anything to go by, I definitely need to stop by!

Pop into my beloved Market Hall Foods in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood for all the Passover goodies you could desire! I particularly love their macaroons and flourless cakes.

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