Hanukkah Olive Oil Tasting Party – with Séka Hills olio nuovo

Happy holidays! Hanukkah is just around the corner (starting sundown on the 12th of December), and I’m so excited to share this very different Hanukkah celebration with you. The holiday celebrates the miracle of one day’s worth of oil burning for eight days. It feels like a fitting feat to recognize these days as we burn the candle at both ends socially, politically, and ideologically. So instead of a(n admittedly crave-worthy) fried recipe, let’s indulge in olive oil’s raw beauty, nuance, and freshness!


Nosherium Hanukkah Olive Oil Tasting Party (2 of 6)

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Round-Up: December 6th

Nosherium Paris View

Happy December! We just returned from our long-awaited honeymoon and are diving straight into Hanukkah and holiday preparation!



We didn’t travel with our big camera, so all I have are iPhone photos of the trip. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen some of these. I have a backlog and will keep posting them as vacation nostalgia sets in. We ate, we saw, we snuggled cousins!

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Quick Thanksgiving Green Beans with Barberry and Pomegranate – Vegan

Twas the day before Thanksgiving, in a far away land, and a blogger was posting her delicious and simple green bean recipe! Simple, stove-less, fresh, crisp, and bright with pomegranate!


I went a little off the rails at the end there, but happy Thanksgiving, friends! I’m posting this latest recipe from Paris, where my husband and I are enjoying our long-awaited honeymoon.


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Rosh HaShanah Three Sisters Stuffed Squash – Vegan!

Nosherium Rosh HaShanah Three Sisters Squash Vegan

Gloriously easy, vegan, flexible, and festive – this stuffed squash recipe is perfect for Rosh HaShanah, Sukkot, and Thanksgiving.


I posted on Facebook asking what people would like to see for High Holy Day (HHD) coverage, and the idea of a choose-your-own-adventure stuffed squash recipe was well received, so here we are! Originally, I had grand plans for paleo, gluten-free, dairy, meat, pescatarian, vegan, and vegetarian options with videos and cool graphics. That’s not happening. Sorry.


Nosherium Rosh HaShanah Vegan Three Sisters Squash

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