Round Up: May 1st – May Day!

Nosherium Radish Ceviche Israeli Pop Up Dinner

Happy May Day! Happy International Workers’ Day! Today’s round-up is inspired by this glorious day celebrating and advocating for labor rights as well as Israeli Memorial and Independence Days!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen my over-browned attempt at a Bread and Roses chocolate babka. Bread and Roses is a famous labor rights anthem, particularly for women, stemming from strikes in clothing and textile factories. The song insists that Ā in addition to physical, material necessities, workers need respect, dignity, and things of beauty. Check out this podcast to learn more about women in the labor movement and socialism.

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Round-Up: Purim and Chocolate-Sesame Hamantaschen!

Chocolate Sesame Vegan Hamantaschen Cookies Cover

Happy weekend! Shabbat shalom!Ā And happy Purim!


Purim is a Jewish holiday and starts tonight, and goes into Sunday. Esther is the central hero of the story due to her strength of character, determination, and expert political lobbying. The root of her name means “hiddenness,” and it isn’t even her birth name. To save herself and her people, she sheds her name, Hadas, and becomes disguisedĀ as Esther. The whole story is oneĀ of hidden miracles – God doesn’t appear in the story with lightning strikes and thunder claps, but miracles happen through the hard work, risk, and bravery of good people. Oh, and a little bit of luck!

In times like these of political turmoil and bombastic shows of force, it is easy to overlook the quiet, hidden, human miracles. TheĀ safeguardingĀ of knowledge in the face of violence and ignorance. TheĀ rebuildingĀ of what was broken and defiled.Ā UnityĀ in the face of vile discord. Resistance through love forĀ the stranger.


But how does this apply to insanely rich vegan hamantaschen cookies? Dang, just get to the recipe already!

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The Best Vegan Hamantaschen

Nosherium Vegan Poppy Seed Hamantaschen (7 of 8)

My mother’s hamantaschen are the stuff of legend, delicate and flavorful. They stand in stark contrast to the mass-manufactured, gritty, crumbly, rock-hard pucks that circulated at childhood Purim parties. I love a food challenge – tinkering with a beloved recipe to make it accessible to everyone! So, in an effort to create a recipe worthy of Queen Esther’s Vegan FeastĀ and my beloved vegan friends, I entered the world of mashed bananas, margarine, and egg replacements. I emerged victorious, and with a shockingly popular Instagram post as motivation, I find myself returning to this happy blog.


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