Round-Up: September 6th

Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Grapes

It’s that end-of-summer/early-autumn time again! This week at the farmers market there were still peaches but already apples. I really think it’s the best time of year for produce – tomatoes AND the first winter squash! Stone fruits AND greens. And of course, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year starts on Sunday night. 

We have plenty of Rosh Hashanah/High Holy Days content already on the blog, so please check it out by clicking each photo.

Nosherium Rosh HaShanah Cheese Board with Nude Bee Buckwheat Honey
Apples and Honey Cheese Board – Vegetarian!
Nosherium Thanksgiving Pomegranate Barberry Green Beans - Vegan, dairy-free, easy
Green Beans with Barberry and Pomegranate – Vegan!
Nosherium #vegan stuffed #squash with spice mixes
Rosh HaShanah Three Sisters Stuffed Squash – Vegan!
Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish
Elegant Gefilte Fish
Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken
The Cheater’s Braise Honey Braised Chicken
Nosherium Apricot Honey Fajitas with ZSpecialty
Honey Apricot Fajitas
Mirabelle Plum Afternoon Tea Cake
Plum Delicious Torte
Nosherium Chai-Spice Honey Cake Loaves
Chai-Spiced Honey Cake – Dairy-free!

We also have some great menu ideas and recipe roundups for the holidays:

Other great links

With any luck this year will bring a long awaited home renovation element to this blog, so here’s to sweet and fruitful challenges.
Hoping you have a very sweet and fruitful new year! 

Round-Up: March 26th

Nosherium Rhubarb Compote

Happy almost Passover! Happy almost Easter! Happy spring!


Nosherium Nude Bee Honey Braised Chicken


I was hoping to have a recipe up for Passover this year, but it might not happen. Sometimes non-blog life conspires to keep me away from the stove and camera! Check out Cheater’s Braise Chicken for a great main course, Elegant Springtime Gefilte Fish and Passover Sole à la Meunière for fish-deliciousness, and the Most Decadent Flourless Cookies for dessert! Alternatively, you could dollop seasonally appropriate Rhubarb Compote on a pavlova or some Passover cake?


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Supernatural Colorful Hamantaschen

Nosherium Supernatural Colorful Hamantaschen Butter Cookies (8 of 9)

Happy Purim! That most raucous of feasts is here again (evening of February 28th, and March 1st), and I’ve got just the recipe to satisfy your all-natural, technicolor cookie cravings! Not a drop of food coloring in sight, just gorgeous colors from spices, produce, and tea.

Last year, I gave you The Best Vegan Hamantaschen and flaky, gloriously buttery Tender Butter Hamantaschen, with my all-time favorite poppyseed filling. There’s also a vegan chocolate-sesame version. This year, I’m going bright and vibrant as a carnival, with punchy flavors to tickle your palate!


Nosherium Supernatural Colorful Hamantaschen Butter Cookies (1 of 9) - all natural dyes!

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